Reservoir engineering course.

Problem 1. Use Darcy’s law to find the flow rate through a cylindrical sample of rock. The cylinder has a diameter of 2 inches. The length of the sample is 1 foot. Pressure drop is 5 psi. Viscosity is 0.8 cp. Permeability is 0.15 D (for darcies). Please convert these values to the darcy set of units and then use Darcy’s law.

Problem 2. Estimate the flow rate for a well in the Covenant Field. Average formation pressure=2500 psi; well bore pressure adjacent to the formation=1500 psi; rw=0.33 ft and re=745 ft; formation thickness h=100 ft; permeability=8 md; oil viscosity=1.5 cp; formation volume factor Bo=1.05 rb/stb; skin=2.5. Use the following version of Darcy’s law that includes the conversion factor for field units:p_{ave}-p_w=frac{141.2qmu B_o}{kh}left[lnfrac{r_e}{r_w}-frac{1}{2}+sright]

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