Psychological Essay on Howard Hughes

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Applied Final Project

Pick a character from a favorite book (fiction or nonfiction) or from a favorite movie. Choose a character whom you believe to have a psychological disorder (e.g., Sylvia Plath, Antwone Fisher). Describe the character and his or her problems, using this discussion as a foundation for diagnosing the individual and planning a treatment program. Make your diagnosis using the DSM-IV multiaxial system.

Carefully take the reader through the steps you followed to decide on a diagnosis (using all five axes) and a type of treatment (e.g., therapy, possible medication, referrals to other professionals). Describe any other recommendations you have, including assessments you would want completed to help accurately diagnose your character.

This paper should be 6–8 pages and formatted in APA style. This paper may be used to construct the e-portfolio in PSYC 495 capstone course.

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