Project Management (Scheduling & time management)

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Project Management (Scheduling & time management):
Note: I’m Master student doing Project Management and this is Project Scheduling & time management course. So if you would look for sources, you may concentrate getting this order completed in Project Scheduling & time management perspectives using 15 external sources/references. Answer the question below:
1. What are the main reasons why projects fail? (5 marks)

2. Why is a customer/client needs analysis important in terms of developing more effective project planning? (5 marks)

3. Propose how the effective use of project management software can help an organisation manage its projects throughout each stage of the project life cycle. (4 marks)

4. Discuss the tools and techniques that project managers can use to ensure knowledge and lessons learned from previous projects are not lost. and can be shared for the bene?t of future projects. (6 marks)

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