Professionalism and Medical Ethics

Watch the 2001 film Wit, by Mike Nichols ( and write a narrative of 500-600 words about the bioethical principles and professionalism issues demonstrated. This paper is for Professionalism and Medical Ethics class. I will upload the course syllabus so you can get an idea what this class is about! Please contact me if you have any questions
(so basically you have to summarize a part of this movie which has Medical Ethical issues in quick and brief words and then discuss what is the ethical issue with that act in the movies legally or in any other aspects. use legit books or .ORG website for sources) please take a look at class syllabus (attached file) to make sure that your comments is in those topics and regulation. I’m expecting a very well done paper with no grammar or spelling issue. Please contact me if you have any issues .

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