Professional capacity: Demonstrate the extent to which the National Occupational standards for Level 3, expressed in the learning agreement, were met by critically evaluating the management structu

This should address the following areas:
Professional Capacity: Using the National Occupational Standards for level 3 youth work,
• D1 Establish and prioritise requirements for youth work (YW23, YW24)
• D2 Plan and implement youth work strategy (YW26, YW27, &YW28)
Critically evaluate a theme of youth work specialism that based upon the climate of youth at risk identifies the global or local concerns that need to be addressed within a youth organisation. Using a community profile and placement practice, detail a strategic and partnership youth work strategy that can be implemented to intervene or compliment youth services.
This will include Mentor and University of East London Fieldwork practice Tutor comments and recommendation for pass/fail (not included in word count). (2,500 words)

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