Principles of Financial Management

Select ONE of the topics from below. Pick one that you can apply to your work or business or one that you have an interest in. Write a 7 – 8 page [including cover and
reference page(s)] paper in APA format. Include a minimum of three peer-reviewed references, at least ONE of which should NOT be the course’s text.
The paper should explain the theoretical concepts and illustrate how these can be applied in the business world. For each topic you can look at the Chapters & Learning
Outcomes in the study guide which references the text pages for guidance. Remember though that the contents of your paper should be your own work.
Potential Topics
 UNIT ONE: Firms and the Financial Market
 UNIT TWO: Time Value of Money
 UNIT THREE: Investment Decision Criteria
 UNIT FOUR: Financial Forecasting and Planning
 UNIT FIVE: Working Capital Management

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