Piercing the Corporate Veil

Piercing the Corporate Veil
Order Description
Read M. Moore ‘A Temple Built on Faulty Foundations and the Legacy of Salomon v
Salomon’ [2006] J.B.L. 180-203
Write a referee report on this article following the format below.
Brief summary (one to two paragraphs)
What is the purpose of the article?
Is the article appropriate?
Is the goal significant?
Is the problem, goal, or intended result new?
Is the method of approach valid?
Is the actual execution of the research correct?
Are the correct conclusions drawn from the results?
Is the presentation (including writing style, usage of the language, organisation) satisfactory?
Is the author’s use of references appropriate (style and substance)?
What did you learn? What is the contribution of the article?
Word count: 2,000 words.
This assignment carries 50% of the weight for the assessment of the module.

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