Pew Research Center:

Order Description
Each student will be able to select a specific U.S. Politics topic based on the Pew Research Center’s website. The topic selected will be related to a broad topic dealing with Politics in the U.S. Each person will write a 4-5 page (double spaced) paper on his or her specific topic, synthesizing (relating/blending) their topic in relation to the course Government of the United States. Again, the paper must be written in Normal, Times New Roman 12 inch font, with 1” margins. Please number your paper. The body of the text being 4-5 full pages does not include your title page and annotated bibliography. You must cite at least 5 sources in your paper. Two of which are your article from the Pew Research Center along with our textbook as sources.

Pew Research Center:
Go to the above website, select “U.S. Politics” tab, then select “Topics” tab, browse the list of topics, select one, and begin your research.

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