people Organisation and Leadership case study Econogic

Read the case study Ecologic (textbook p. 516-519) and answer all the following


1. Analyse the strengths and weaknesses of Sally’s leadership style and suggest how she could change itto improve the

situation at Ecologic.

2. Discussthe types of motivation likelyto be drivingeach ofthe staff in theirwork at Ecologic. lf Sally

introduces performance bonuses how likely do you t ink it isthat staff motivation and performance wi I improve? What are the risks in
taking this approach?

3. Is there a clear organisational structure at Ecologic? Describe the structure based on theories learnt or

propose a structuret at you believe would benefitthe organisation. Justify your choice with theory.

4. Discussthe stages of team dev?elopment and apply them to the development ofthe workforce at Ecologic. Are the employees working as an effective team? WhyNvhy
not. Use the literature to support your arguments.

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