Operations Mangment: The Volvo Productive Model Case Study

Read the following case study:
“A Break from the Past: Volvo and its Malcontents” P 309-331.
Answer the following question:
1)What were the main design principles affecting process design at Volvo’s Uddevalla plant?
2) What is the relationship between process design at Volvo’s Uddevalla plant and the emergence of customer-oriented and built-to-order approaches to car manufacturing?
3)What were the differences between the Volvo and Ford volume/variety strategies?
4) Which operation strategy should Geely pursue to valorise Volvo’s production
technology and brand and what they could learn from the Fiat experience with the
Melfi plant in the 1990s?
(Please use Operation Management theory and concepts from lecture PDF files that i will provide in addition to that please use the relevant article to the case study that I will also provide)

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