Movie & Research Report

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Our assignment is all about movie ” A Beautiful Mind ” (2001), starring Russel Crowe (Character ” John Nash”. And my research journal is all about ” A Report on Mental Illnesses in Canada- Public Health Agency of Canada ( chapter 3) – Schizophrenia..

Questions to answers:

1. Describes the character’s appearance and behavior-objective data and compares the observed data to the criteria from DSM5. Identifies whether the assessment data of the character support or negate the mental health diagnosis.
2.Implication of nursing practice
3.Impact on own future nursing practice ( at least 3)
4. Relates the study to the selected client and how the study impacted my view /

can we use Psychiatric & Mental Health Nursing for Canadian practice, Wendy Austin; Mary Ann Boyd, Wolters Kluwer ( third Edition )

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