Max Weber- the protestant ethic and the spirit of capitalism

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Instructions: In the second chapter of The Protestant Ethic and the Spirit of Capitalism, Max Weber writes: “Now naturally the whole ascetic literature of almost all denominations is saturated within the idea that faithful labor, even at low wages, on the part of those whom life offers no other opportunities, is highly pleasing to God. In his respect Protestant Asceticism added in itself nothing new. But it not only deepened this idea most powerfully, it also created the force which was alone decisive for its effectiveness: the psychological sanction of it through the conception of this labour as a calling, as the best, often in the last analysis the only means of attaining certainty of grace. … The treatment of labour as a calling became as characteristics of the modern worker as the corresponding attitude towards acquisition of the businessman.” (Weber p 121)

What does he mean in this passage, and how does it fit into the larger argument he makes in the book?

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