Market Analysis Report for a chosen scenario.

Bodean’s BBQ is a popular American BBQ chain with a number of outlets in London. They have been operating a chain of American style diner-delis for over 10 years in the UK, specialising in American-style barbecue, ribs, steaks, and burgers cooked and served in a family friendly atmosphere. In response to the growing popularity of BBQ food in the UK and the unstoppable demand for American-style food, Bodean’s is looking for opportunities to expand beyond London and are looking at options along the East and South East of England. Norwich is one of the locations identified in the shortlist of cities and Bodean’s is particularly interested in this city for a number of reasons related to logistics, atmosphere, and food supply chain. They have commissioned you to carry out a background market analysis that will help them determine the attractiveness of Norwich for such a venture to narrow down the shortlist before doing further planning.

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