Leadership Assignment

Read Chapters 1 & 13 from textbook and Ch 1 from Lawler & Worley
Answer Q 2 & 3 from “How safe…?” Case 13.2, p351
All of the questions come from the Northouse textbook however, in the answers,

be sure to EXPLICITLY APPLY the material from both textbooks. APPLYING the conceptual

material means more than just mentioning it in a sentence or two. Be sure to

read the additional announcement about what APPLICATION may entail.

EXPLICIT APPLICATION is the essence of answering graduate level essay

questions. It demands clarity and sufficient detail: this of course may demand

a little more writing.There is no magic formula. I will not state a minimum length.

However, mostwriters cannot do the weekly case writeups well in less than 500 words.

EXPLICITLY APPLY material from BOTH books in your answer

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