LAB3-Data Coding and Digital Transmission (used in GSM and UMTS)

I-Study of Line Coding and Decoding.
1. Signal element versus Data element
2. Effect of lack synchronization.
3. Different Line Coding Schemes.
4. Draw the schemes for Data 10110010
a. Case NRZ-I,
b. Case Manchester.
5. Write the report part 1 of the previous study.
II- Study of Pulse Code Modulation (PCM).
1. PCM Encoder.
2. PCM Decoder
3. Draw the examples of Sampling Methods
4. Write the report part2 of the previous study.
III- Study of the Digital Transmission.
1. Parallel transmission.
2. Serial Transmission.
3. What about Mobile Transmission?
4. Draw the illustrations of Asynchronous and Synchronous Transmission.
5. Solve the Exercises Given in the lab3-Material.
6. Write the report part3 of the previous study.
IV. Write a Conclusion of 5 lines about what you learn in this Lab work.
V. Gather everything you did in this lab in Complete (MS-Word or PDF file) Report.

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