Japan’s samurai warriors.Fourteenth-Century Warfare.

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Requirements: In his monograph, State of War, Thomas Conlan asserts that “fourteenth century warfare transcended all contemporary boundaries and subverted political, intellectual, and social norms” (7). In a 1300 word essay, explore Conlan’s assertion and the nature of fourteenth-century warfare. Conlan makes several arguments regarding loyalty and warrior ethos, social organization of warrior society, weapons and tactics, and violence. Feel free to focus your efforts on a couple of themes in which you might have a particular interest. Although it is not required, you may also want to pull evidence from the articles in class. If you do utilize other course readings, lectures or outside sources, cite these materials.
Be sure you create a clear argument and support it with evidence from the text. It is not acceptable to provide only a general overview of the book. Your grade will depend on how well you construct and support your argument.

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