Is government regulation of radio contradictory to the First Amendment’s guarantee of a free press?

– Paper must be at least 6 pages (NOT including the required title page and references page), double-spaced, 12-point font
– Outline required
– Paper must cite at least five credible research sources
– None of these sources may be an encyclopedia (including Wikipedia, of course). Sources must meet the tests of relevance, recency, and credibility
– The paper must include the following components:
An introduction in which the writer gains the reader’s attention, states her/his position, defines key terms in the issue, and previews the remainder of the paper
A summary (approximately 3-4 paragraphs) of different positions on the topic and explanation of how the writer’s position relates to other positions
At least three thoroughly developed and researched reasons that support the writer’s position
A conclusion in which the writer sums up her/his paper and provides the reader with a meaningful closing thought

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