International business development plan for Macsween Co.

Order Description
Scottish haggis company Macsween wishing to expand in Australia, New Zealand and South Africa. This coursework asked for to explore the potentiality in selected countries for their existing and new range of Macsween products (e.g. different types of haggis; crisp of different flavours, such as, Haggis flavour, Black Pudding flavour, Haggis spiced chocolate).
I would like to write for me porters 5 forces analysis in Australia, New Zealand and South Africa related to Haggis industry and analyse the competitors, suppliers, customers, barriers to entry, substitute products and other terms of porters 5 forces by using reliable source of information include Euromonitor. Porter’s 5 forces analysis is just one part of this project and if I am satisfied with writing, I would like to order full coursework later on.

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