In patients whom contracted Hepatitis C from sharing needles or other equipment to inject drugs via blood who use tripple antibiotic therapy when compared with standard mono therapy alone lead to less detected serologic tests of the more chronic form of t

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Step 3 ? Based on the articles in the annotated bibliography and any other articles retrieved students will write a narrative review of their research topic. This review must follow AMA format. Due November 13th.
( recently a friend of mine used your site to do her entire paper. I am giving you the 2nd part of the paper to do. I need my paper to be an A plus paper!! NO PLAGIARISM ALOLOWED! THE PAPER MUST FOLLOW AMA FORMAT!!!

20% – Clarity of the question and search strategy.
20% – Adherence to AMA style.
20% – Relevance of the articles selected for the bibliography and review (based on date and type).
10% – Clarity of the writing, and lack of mistakes in grammar, punctuation and usage in the narrative review
30% – The critical thinking and analysis exhibited in the review paper.

5% of the grade will be deducted for any part of the assignment handed in late.

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