Implied Warranty of Merchantability on past restaurant cases)

You’re doing the analysis part of the paper.

Using past restaurant cases:

*Here are a few examples:

1) Fred Goodman v. Wenco Foods, Inc.(1992)
2) Philip R. Hochberg v. O’Donnell’s Restaurant Inc.(1971)
3) Herbert Klein v. Duchess Sandwich Company(1939)
4) Chambley v. Apple Restaurants Inc.(1998)

*Argument: Was the rule of implied warranty of merchantability broken? Why and why not?

Support both sides of the issue and clearly communicate the “why” and “why not” rationale that supports both sides of the argument. Be sure to support both sides of the argument with factual case law by comparing and contracting the similarities and differences.

Limit the case descriptions to a minimum and maximize the analysis for earning the most point value.

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