impact of global initative

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Formal academic research seeks to answer a question. For example, what is the impact of over-testing on elementary and high school students? What is the impact of concussions on athletes who participate in full contact sports?

Length Requirements: Minimum length requirement is six full pages. Maximum length is 5 pages. The Works Cited / Reference page does not count towards page count.

Format / Style: MLA documentation should be used for this assignment.

Deadline / Weight: You must submit the paper NLT Tuesday, December 3, 2015. This paper’s grade will constitute 15% of your overall grade in the course.

construct and organize unifie, coherent, and well-developed paragraphs.
organize essay content into introduction, body, and conclusion paragrphs

formulate a restricted , unified and precise thesis staement
not more then 5 yr of sources

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