How to identify a peer-reviewed journal article

Peer reviewed journal articles are crucial academic materials that  students in general and scholars in specific must learn to use. Howver, identifying such articles may be challenging to some

What’s are peer reviewed journal articles

It is very common for tutors and professors to recommend learners to take advantage and make good use peer reviewed journal articles in the course of the academic endeavors. The question then is, what is a peer reviewed journal article? Secondly, why are learners or students strongly advised to utilize peer reviewed journal articles? Peer reviewed articles refer to articles available in peer review journal publications that leads to the advancement of knowledge in a particular discipline by exhibiting firm and concrete scholarly foundations.

The major factor that distinguishes scholarly journals from other kinds of journals such as popular journals, magazine  and trade journals is the fact that scholarly articles are scrutinized through a “peer review” process upon submission for purposes of quality control. As such, peer reviewed journal articles provide the most authoritative and most appropriate detail concerning a particular discipline.

Why use peer reviewed journal articles

The reason behind the recommendation for peer-reviewed journal articles to be used in scholarly work is that they have undergone thorough evaluation by several experts and researchers who are specialists in a particular discipline before being made available in publications. It is also for this reason that peer reviewed articles are also known as refereed or scholarly articles.

To put it differently, the “peer review’ process ensures that the articles meet the threshold of the accepted standard and quality of a specific discipline. This goes to guarantee that the accuracy and reliability of the findings are relevant to the discipline without compromising on the quality of scholarship. It is due to the high quality of the research, writing and content that peer reviewed articles are strongly recommended by professors and tutors for learners to use for their own work.

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