Human Sex Trafficking Amanda Walker-Rodriguez and Rodney Hill

Paper details:

I need an article review done on Unit 2 Article 2.5 which is Human Sex Trafficking out of Annual Editions thirty-ninth edition. Naughton, J. (Ed.) (2014). Annual editions: Criminal justice (39th Ed.). New York, NY: McGraw-Hill. ): An article review is much like a synopsis This is what the teacher wants: Papers must: Ø Address the key points of the article and explain each one Ø An essay format must be used Ø Be double spaced and typed with 1” margins Ø Be well organized with sentence and paragraph transitions Ø Be professionally written using appropriate criminal justice terminology Ø Be at least 1 full page in length and no longer than 2 pages Ø Use APA format. Other formats will not be accepted Ø Be a complete paper with an introduction, body, and conclusion Ø Include reference information Ø Include assignment information, for example: Name Date Article review # Article title and number in book

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