HS 250 Healthcare Policy and Regulation

Congressional Advocacy Letter Assignment
1. Utilize reference web sites to identify your key congressman who represents your district (Representative and Senator) both at the state and federal level. You may use VSPACE Resource websites to assist you. List the individuals who are currently serving in these roles below:

2. Select one current healthcare, public safety, or community health related concern or issue and draft a letter to one of your identified congressman. Utilize the Citizen’s Guide to State Government for Michigan as a reference. http://www.legislature.mi.gov/Publications/CitizensGuide.pdf

3. List the current concern or issue that you have selected below:

4. The draft letter should be no more than one page with concise, well thought out points. It should include factual information and should contain specifics about the action that you are looking for. Include your draft letter on page two of this document.

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