How to assess market power

The paper is an essay on a topic related to the course. It can be either :
– An empirical analysis using economic data; or
– A summary of 5 articles from scientific economics journals on a common topic.
For topic choice, I suggest you look at the Sections ? Further reading ? at the end of each chapter in the textbook.
You need to confirm the topic of the paper with me before you start writing paper.
Scientific economics journals can be accessed from the library catalogue at (search by Journal Title).
The paper is due on November 30th in class (in print).
Paper formatting :
– Pages should be numbered
– Font: Times New Roman, size 12
– Margins: 1 inch (2.54 cm) on all sides
– Line spacing: 1.5
– Length: Between 5 and 6 pages
– At the end of the paper, you have to include a list of all the references and data sources used.

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