How does molly & ectasy effect the brain function

Paper details:

Must have a description of the participants – 40 people 20 men 20 women age of 18-24. Were recruited from friends/family

I tried to start it and came up with this:

The participants that were recruited were from our own family and friends. We recruited 40 people; 20 being women and 20 being men. We chose to split the genders evenly just in case women have more of a memory loss than men do due to their BMI. Younger adults (20 women, 20 men, M age = 19.5 years, age range 18-22) were recruited from friends/classmates that were in college.

You can defiantly change it around

I used a survey that is attached given to the participants as our instrument.

– must have a instrumentation and data collection, procedures, and data analysis and results section

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