How did militarism at both the state an social level contribute to the outbreak of World War 1 ?

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Using different points of view and being critical is important.
Some readings that can be useful:
1) Anthony Best, Jussi Hanhimaki, Joseph A Maiolo, Kirsten E. Schulze, International History of the Twentieth Century and Beyond (Routledge; 2nd Edition 2008), ch. 1.
2) Paul W. Schroeder, ‘World War I as Galloping Gertie’ and his ‘Embedded Counterfactuals and World War I as an Unavoidable War’, in Paul W. Schroeder, 3) David Wetzel and Robert Jervis, Systems, Stability, and Statecraft: Essays on the International History of Modern Europe (2004)
4) David Stevenson, “Militarization and Diplomacy in Europe before 1914”, International Security 22/1 (1997)
5) Marc Trachtenberg, ‘The Coming of the First World War: A Reassessment’, in History and Strategy (1991)

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