How can reflection help soldiers influence their decision to give notice to terminate service from the Army

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Margins justified, 1.5 line spacing. 1500 word Essay on a topic related to your work environment. You are required to write your assignment as an Essay, treating and arguing your work in an academic format. For this you will need to include a minimum of 6 different authors from text books and/or journal articles; you will also need to use and include 2 electronic sources (not Wikipedia). All sources and citations must be correctly displayed in the Harvard Referencing Handbook (2013) format. The Essay continues to help you develop your independence as a learner by introducing you to essential essay writing skills. These skills will enable you to argue in an academic style and back up such arguments with correct references and citations. The Essay also requires a Reference list. You will need to use the referencing format as outlined in The Harvard Referencing Handbook (2013)

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