Hate Crime and Terrorism

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In a 1-page (450-500 words) essay, state one research questions and two research hypotheses (H1-H2) related to your topic that you can investigate empirically. First, formulate these as relationships between abstract concepts that speak to your research question. They should also reflect the literature you have reviewed, if only because they improve upon preexisting research. If you think your articles were off the mark, here is your chance to examine the research problem more validly. Then, restate your hypotheses as concrete connections between measurable variables. Identify and operationalize the dependent variable (DV) and independent variable (IV) for each hypothesis. Likewise, for each hypothesis identify and operationalize two control variables that are not be in your hypothesis but may affect the observed outcomes (e.g., demographic factors like gender, race, class, etc.).
My topic is on Hate Crime and Terrorism

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