Greece Financial Crisis

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use the outline below to write the paper utilizing Macroeconomic theories and at least 1 graph as an explanatory tool of economic principles. Also, at least 1 or 2 peer review in the body of the paper.

Greece Financial Crisis

I. Introduction
A. Greece government excessive deficits, government borrowing, and bad macroeconomic policies resulted in their economy becoming non-competitive. Essentially, like any household that spends more money than it takes in, eventually the walls of the house will begin to fall like a deck of cards. Greece has amassed a mountain of debt by spending well beyond its means.

II. Macroeconomic policies
A. Why is Greece in debt?

III. Importance of financial policies in macroeconomics
A. Greece and bad macroeconomics

IV. Monetary policies
A. Euro-zone economy
B. International Monetary Fund

V. Conclusion

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