Good Will Hunting A Beautiful Mind the gift of the magi

Will is mathematical genius, but Will is afraid of to truly engage with someone John is mathematical genius, but he turns out has schizophrenia really care each other
Work in Blue Community looking for a new theory to in order to find his identity gold watch/ hair
has seen psychosis
Dr. Sean
Face the problem & solve it has seen psychosis,
Dr. Rosen
Face the problem & solve it both use the thing they most proud of to buy a christmas gift for each other
angry management not close to people a new chain for watch
Beautiful combs, with jewels
don’t care about other people he did prove a theory got nobel prize money struggle
Defensive Orphan put Christmas gifts away and keep them a while. They’re too nice to use now
Smart Boy with bad manner
not close to people
GF- Skylor GF- Alicia
Acceptance Acceptance Acceptance

How to be a better person?
• external/ internal reward

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