Folk Tale Analysis Assignment

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Write a brief analysis of a folktale employing the functions outlined in Vladimir Propp’s Morphology of the Folktale( you may find pages 19 – 65, 79 – 83, and 96 – 99 in Propp’s book particulary helpful) , which discusses the structure of folktales in terms of dramatis personae and functions. Select one folktale from Afanasyev’s collection of Russian Fairy Tales or another folk or fairy tale from a different collection that leads itself well to such structural analysis. Briefly introduce the tale and its title, content, and source. Then conduct a structural analysis of the tale, where you enumerate the dramatis personae and functions significant in the overall composition of the tale and discuss how these parts function as a whole. In your conclusion reflect on the usefulness and shortcomings of this approach for the interpretation of this tale or tales in general.

Length: 600 words of double-spaced text using a twelve-point font and with one-inch margins.

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