Film and Document Analysis Paper (AIDS crisis in the 1980’s)

Film and Document Analysis Paper (AIDS crisis in the 1980’s)

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Requirements of Paper:
Utilizing the film and Brier’s interpretation of the historical evidence (1) describe three factors that encouraged hysteria and continued protests by parents of District 27 and District 29, (2) explain the ways in which the parents in Queens use the notions of both community control and parental instinct to lash out against the judgments of bureaucrats in the NYC Board of Education, and (3) explore how the finales of the film and Brier’s article reflect a better understanding of HIV transmission by the mid-1980s.

^Each requirement of prompt can be a paragraph… So write an intro 3 body paragraphs (3 requirements) and conclusion

Film and Document Analysis paper on the movie And the Band Plays On and the document I will provide.

Must use specific quotes from document.- cite quotes (Author pg#)

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