Examine changes in mental health policy over the past ten years. How might recent changes in policy affect lives of consumers, carers and their families?

I would like 3 or 4 different aspects to changes that have been to be discussed. One topic I’d like to be discusses is the Mental Health Treatment Plan. I’d like for 2-3 paragraphs to discuss mainly positive change while the other 1-2 (depending on how many changes in the policy are chosen to write about) talk about the not so beneficial changes. I’d also like each paragraph to suggest what could help a certain aspect to work better if there is something like that evident to you. Also, what particular circumstances or people have each aspect helped or hindered most. Possibly talk about anything from the mental health policy ten years ago that stands out as having been altered or completely left out and how that may affect people. 10 references are required to be included in this essay. I am a student of an Australian

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