do in Interview Questions i dont have time ti do them after you complete the Interview write transcript and then i will make an other order for result

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What are the perceptions of students in health-related undergraduate programs of the health beliefs and / or behaviors of their peers
(e.g. food, alcohol consumption, smoking)?

Appendix 1: Interview Questions
1. What is your gender? M F
2. how old are you? 20-25 25-30 30>
3. who do you live with? family friend alone


Can you let me know in which situations you or your friends may consult with peers in health disciplines concerning any health problem?
In your opinion what is your view about the statement–Healthy students are capable of learning better than unhealthy students.
?Can you explain further? What exactly is a healthy student?
?How do you and your peers plan their eating behaviour and physical activities?
? Do your peers appear healthy in terms of their health and age?
How would you rate and explain your thoughts about your peers on the ease of living healthily because of their upbringing?
?What healthy habits do your peers engage in, and how much beneficial is the involvement with the habit?
?What unhealthy habits do your peers engage in, and how detrimental is their involvement with the habit?
?How does the current social environment at the university and at home affect in any way the resolve and eventual behaviour of healthy eating and/or exercising for your peers?

Are you able to talk about how the availability of alcohol is linked to students’ university life?
?In your opinion how does stress and anxiety become associated with studying?
? How do health professionals perceive the lack of alcohol education and unhealthy habits?.
Not sure whom you mean ‘health professionals’. Are these students enrolled in a health-related subject?

In your experience have you noticed any incidences where health professionals practice any negative attitudes towards patients with obesity.
?Would they use insulting humour for their patients? Can you give any example?

How would students be influenced by their peers, healthcare providers and instructors in the achievement of a better health outcome?
?How does peer influence affect students’ habits?
Thank you, dear Sheila, for all your effort. I am sure that Mohammad will appreciate your doings.

Dear Mohammad,
The questions look fine but I think there may be too many. These are semi-structured questions and the answers can be long. Perhaps do one pilot interview and cut out what is not relevant? Each interview should take about 15 to 20 minutes. We have to remember that all four interviews need to be transcribed and be attached to the Results section. See how you go, Mohammad. Please look at the Methods Guidelines.
As far as I know, resubmission needs to go through TurnItIn and I have to mark it again.

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