Dissertation Writing

Dissertation writing is the most crucial  component of any degree course and hence must be approached with optimal professionalism

What is a Dissertation?

At the culmination of undergraduate, masters or doctorate level studies, candidates must submit a completed dissertation to help assess and determine their final grade. For most students, dissertation writing  is the most important assignment, yet it is the longest and most challenging, as it demands hours of hard work and preparation, turning the library into a second home. But, What exactly is a dissertation?

A dissertation or thesis is a substantive final year project (paper) that is much more intensive and comprehensive encompassing investigative research, methodology and writing. Fundamentally, a dissertation provides evidence of the student’s mastery of scholarly methods, based on an original proposed research subject determined by the student, and the findings presented in response to the proposal. As such, dissertation projects are largely an independent endeavor with minimal guidance and assistance from tutors.

Dissertation writing tips

Presenting a well-defined research subject (topic) that is original, accurate, skillfully and thoroughly researched is the key objective of writing a dissertation. It is therefore critical to take note of the following because a dissertation is piece of work that follows principles of academic writing:

  • Ensure that the dissertation is established on a structure that is objectively defined and outlined along a clear line of thought on the question or thesis on which the dissertation is based.
  • A dissertation must be well planned and thoroughly researched to include detailed descriptions in its analysis, critical evaluation and discussion.
  • Contain content that is relevant, consistent, correct and expressed in the appropriate academic referencing structure.
  • A good dissertation evaluates the evidence of both sides of a debate by pointing out leading issues and sourcing for information from relevant, reliable and legitimate sources.

Most importantly, the findings of a dissertation ought to be critically, persuasively, convincingly and articulately organized and presented, adhering to the guideline of structuring and formatting the dissertation paper.

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