Develop a Research Question, use it as the first part of your THESIS, which will break the paper’s topic into clear subtopics and include a clear purpose.

Organize the material into sections/paragraphs, and make sure to use source material correctly to support your points in EACH body paragraph.

You will be quoting from, paraphrasing and summarizing articles, websites or the other kinds of source material you have found.

In the INTRODUCTION: Give background information about the controversy. Set the scene; identify major players; give specific information so the reader will be drawn in. Make sure the thesis statement is CLEAR and DISTINCT.

In the BODY PARAGRAPHS, focus on ONE TOPIC PER PARAGRAPH but do a thorough, specific job of making your points. QUOTE from or PARAPHRASE SOURCE MATERIAL as you go. The paper can be up to four pages in length. (DO NOT CHOOSE anything related to abortion, human torture or child abuse.)

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