“Critically discuss the continued relevance of the Hawthorne studies to 21st Century Management. In developing your argument, please give consideration to the work of McAuley et al. (2014), Burnes and Cooke (2013), Roethlisberger (1948), Franke and Kau

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Six Key Points
The hand-in deadline is Thursday December 3rd 2015 at 12 noon.
The weighting for this essay is 30% of the total course marks.
The expected word count for the essay is 1500 – 2000 words excluding bibliography/reference list. Please note that you are expected to include a word count (excluding the bibliography) on the cover sheet of your essay.
Please note that the reference style must be Harvard: Author (Date). Footnote referencing styles are not permitted.
Standard School of Management rules are that under/over length of 10% is permitted but that any greater deviation may be penalised.
Please see your Essay Writing and Referencing Guide and the Handbook for The Marking Criteria for a full discussion of assignment expectations in the School.

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