Crisis Management: British Petroleum (BP) Deepwater Horizon Crisis


Crisis Management: British Petroleum (BP) Deepwater Horizon Crisis

1- Introduction to the BP and Oil Spill.

2- Identify the problem and how did it happen?

3- To which extent has BP successfully communicated during the Deepwater Horizon Crisis? In order to examine the problem you will attempt to address the following issues:
a. Characterize how BP communicated during the crisis.
b. Analyze the effects of BP’s communicative strategies.
c. Discuss and evaluate whether or not BP has been successful in dealing with the crisis seen from a communicative perspective.

4- Stakeholder Management and Communication

5-Situational Crisis Communication

6-Restoration Strategies

7- Analysis
a. Initial Reputation and Image Damage
b. Corporate Social Responsibility
c. American Government
d. Crisis Strategy

8- Which lessons can be learned from BP’s communication during the crisis?

9- Conclusion

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