Criminal invsetigation

1. 1. What are the steps to planning and executing a legal raid?

222. What are the suggested policies for an off duty arrest and why do you agree or disagree with these policies.

333.Give examples of the proper use of force in an arrest and make the distinction between reasonable force and excessive force.

4 4. Explain the difference between the power based and the anger based rapist.

55 5. Outline the proper police response to a rape investigation.

65 6.What is Megan’s Law? Do some research and find out how many sex offenders are living in your area. Explain your reaction to the outcome of your search.

7. What are the ten most common errors in death investigations, and how can each be avoided?

8. Death notification is a hard part of the job. What are some best practices?

9. Who makes up a volunteer cold case squad and what are the benefits to a cold case unit?4

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