Cost/ Benefit of Citizen-based Capital Improvement Projects in public sectors.

For any puplic sector projects in UAE.

Identify 3 view points ( Citizen of th City, City budget, Economic development) and classify the estimates

(Cost – Benifit – Disbenifits) for each one.

The conclusion should include a decision making in acceptance of the project based on the viewpoint.

The case study paper grading is:

* Introduction (15%).
* The case proposal (25%)
* The Analysis(25%)
* conclusion (25%)
* References (10)
The attached file is the lecture slides which contains the formulas used.

It also include an example of such estimates,
the case study is similar to the Example in page 8 of the file.

also attached a formula sheet which include all the formulas used in the course ( cost/benefit formula in the last page)

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