Congnitive Psychology-Essentialism and Racial Bias Jointly Contribute to the Categorization of Multiracial Individuals

Paper AssignmentPaper Due: 2pm WedNovember11, 2015on CToolsReviews Due: 2pm WedNovember 25, 2015on CToolsRevision Due:Your paper should do three things: (1) motivate and explain the question and hypotheses being addressed in the article, incorporating relevant information that we have covered in the class (why is the question important, how does it fit with other information you’ve learned), (2) describe the research in the article you read(e.g., independent & dependent variables, results), and (3) summarize the implications of the work(e.g., what hypothesis does it support or rule out). The goal is to give you some exposure to actual research in cognitive psychology and to explore one topic from the course in more depth.You’re welcome to do additional research on your topic beyond the material covered in the course, but that isn’t required

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