Comparative Study of Ancient Greek Play and Elizabethan English Play

Write a research paper that compares the culture and historical periods of Ancient Greek and Elizabethan English periods and discuss how the theatrical work of those two periods functioned within their respective societies. What kind of commonalities are found in this kind of comparative study and what can be ascertained from differences? How were the plays might be received by their audience during the time it was originally performed? Use Sophocles’ “Ajax”,”Philoctetes” and Aristophanes’ “Wasps” for Ancient Greek Plays, and use Shakespeare’s “A Midsummer Night’s Dream” “Othello” for Elizabethan English plays. For the Greek plays, make sure to cite the version translated by Peter Meineck (1998). No specific requirement for the Shakespeare plays. Including these plays, a totally of 15 sources are required.

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