Challenge Faced By Saudi ESL student in the US in English Writing

Please do not change just focus on the professor’s comment.

Attachment to be followed.i’ll be sent a file BDFcontaining a research professor and comments I will Sent instructions, a professor and a file containing examples
If you want to change the references that you can best references But it must not be the before2007 Because the professor said Text Comment. Rbab, your paper does not of f er enough support (citation) — this needs
to be corrected by your next draf t. Please recheck the paragraph on “cultural shack theory.”
Your sources still do not f it the criteria outlined in the syllabus and assignment — you need at
TEN (10) articles (NOT books). You will lose points on your f inal draf t if you are lacking in this
Please correct APA citations and ref erence list. You will lose points if this is incorrect on your
f inal draf t.

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