business policy and strategy

Financial ratio analysis is one of the best techniques for identifying and evaluating internal strengths and weaknesses. Potential investors and current shareholders look closely at firms’ financial ratios, making detailed comparisons to industry averages and to previous periods of time. Deliverables:
For the first part of this assignment you should refer to the summary of key financial ratios (pg. 108). Access the latest annual report or 10-K Disney company Then create a chart as follows: In column one calculate the ratios in your book for the most recent year, in column two calculate the same ratios for the prior year, for column three find industry ratios from a free resource and in the final column (BTW this is THE MOST IMPORTANT COLUMN) indicate whether you consider each ratio to be a strength, a weakness, or a neutral factor for your company and why; i.e., support your choice. (15 points)

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