Business Ethics – Unit 9

Business Ethics – Unit 9
Read Unit 9 from book (Business Ethics: Case Studies and Selected Readings) by Marianne M. Jennings and answer the following Discussion Questions:

-Why is fair competition important? What are ways to regulate competition? Do you believe these regulations are ethical? Explain.
-What other regulations could the government or businesses create to help promote fair competition and prevent employees from breaching these covenants? Explain.
-What are the societal views of infringement and the costs of not honoring intellectual property rights from the perspective of a consumer and a business? Explain.
-Per Case 9.5, Sabotaging, please answer Discussion Questions 1,2 on Page 559
-Per Case 9.9, Amazon, please answer Discussion Questions 1,2 on Page 562
-Per Case 9.12, Windshield Wiper, please answer Discussion Questions 1,2,3 on Page 570

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