business continuity planning (BCP) or an emergency action plan (EAP)

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business continuity planning (BCP) or an emergency action plan (EAP) must address resiliency of the organization during and after a catastrophic event.
Disasters can bring on crises and strike randomly, with impact ranging in severity from noticeable disruption to a complete loss of business function. Some crises can be foreseen, others not.
It is therefore your responsibility as CSO to create, manage and up date when necessary your companies EAP. Your plan must focus on both anticipating and making adequate provisions for restoring business operations following a crisis.
Define the importance of vulnerability assessment while answering the questions of probability and criticality to include the significance of a business impact analysis.

Book ref:
Contemporary Security Management, Third Edition 3rd Edition
Butterworth-Heinemann; 3 edition (November 22, 2010)

Author John Fay

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