becoming a professional


Write a 1.5 page reflection that discusses how the legacy of the kindergarten, nursery school, and progressive education influence the values and choices that early childhood educators make in their daily practices. Due date 1.28.16. Post your writing to Safe Assign.
Post the template (Electronic Portfolio)*. Under the Philosophical Section-provide a description for the five subtopics listed: (1). Philosophy of Early Childhood Education (2). Why I have Chosen to Become an Early Childhood Educator (3). Description of Your Classroom Management Style (4). An Articulation of Research Interest in Early Childhood Education and (5). A Description of your current practicum teaching duties. Due date 1.30.16. Post your portfolio descriptions /findings to Safe Assign.


a. Frobel Foundation USA

b. Rachel McMillan Nursery School

c. Bank College of Education

d. American Montessori Society

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