Artificial Neural Network-Machine Learning- Probit Model

Paper details:

1. What is Artificial Neural Network?

2. How does artificial neural network model works? The relationship of independent inputs and dependent output?

3. What is the training process? Graphical explanation, please reference all the graphs in Harvard style.

4. What is the structure of neural network?

5. Explaining which studies used artificial neural network to predict Real estate markets/cylces, what are limitations? What are the strengths?

6. Components of Artificial Neural Network? Input? Output?

7. Explaining input and output of the model?

8. Neural network feedforward

9. What is Feedforward Artificial Neural Network

10. What is Multilayer perceptron? What is the mathematic model of it?

11. What is the strength of neural network?

12. What is Matlab neural network toolbox.


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