answering questions and writing a imitation poem

Paper details:

Please follow directions and read them: Answer Questions about 2 poems:

Part 1: “When You Have Forgotten Sunday: the Love Story” by Gwendolyn Brooks (full explication)

1. How do you see their relationship?

2.How does the title’s emphasis on this being a “love poem” suggests that 1. her memories mean she still loves him–it’s a love poem after all; and 2. this poem is meant as a way to jog his memory to continue to love her. What’s your take?

Part 2: Close Reading

“Filling Station” by Elizabeth Bishop

1. Post a question about your observations regarding this poem .This will show us all something about how you think about the poems you read, and what you want to know about them. What is so good about this poet?

Part 3:

Imitation Workshop

Write a “Gwendolyn Brooks” imitation poem from scratch.

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